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The company primarily offers services along the lines of science journalism and translation.


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My name is Alarik Haglund and this is my website.

I run a small business, located in Sweden, where I work as a freelance science journalist, translator and science-fiction writer.

I have a great amount of faith in humanity and what we can accomplish as a race if we only put our minds to it and work together towards a common goal.

My passion is getting people excited about science and astronomy and I have a knack for explaining science in an accessible, engaging and intriguing way.

I'm a Master of Science, a degree I earned at Lund University in Sweden. This means I'm well read in the fields I cover. I also have more than ten years of experience as a science journalist.


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  • Science Journalism


I have written regularly for the Swedish magazine "Allt om Vetenskap," a monthly publication on popular science, but I also write for other magazines and I'm constantly on the lookout for new assignments, in both Swedish and English.


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  • Contact


For rates and further information please contact me at



  • Translation


Aside from translating texts pertaining to popular science I also do other translation work.


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  • Science-fiction


I also write fiction in the form of science-fiction. To date I have two finished short stories awaiting publication.


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