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The company primarily offers services along the lines of science journalism and translation.


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I have written articles on popular science for the Swedish magazine "Allt om Vetenskap" since 2005, primarily in the fields of astronomy, aerospace technology and physics.

In my articles I have approached subjects such as if faster than light travel is possible, why we have not been contacted by aliens, the possibility of finding life in the solar system, missunderstandings about the Big Bang and planets in other solar systems(exoplanets), which is something of my speciality.

My articles have for instance recieved praise from the European space organisation ESA.

"Thank you for a very good (and error-free) article ..."

-Anders Elfving, Rover Manager(ExoMars Project).

Starting with issue 3-2010 I was also in charge of the Questions & Answers section of the magazine.


I also write for a number of International and Swedish trade magazines, such as Pulp & Paper News, "Nordisk Energi", "Nordisk Infrastruktur" and "Nordisk Industri."


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