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Alarik Haglund

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The company primarily offers services along the lines of science journalism and translation.


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I'm also a science-fiction writer and I believe that science-fiction is an excellent way to get people to start thinking.

While working on a novel I also write short stories. Right now two of my short stories are completed and await publication.

All my science-fiction is written in English.


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  • Where Ignorance is Bliss


My first short story is about two men of science, both on the verge of world altering discoveries. While the world around them is falling apart, the two scientists are forced to decide whether science is the cure or the decease.



  • Safety First


My second short story, which is in a small way connected to my novel,  is about a daredevil who finds himself in the unfortunate position of living in a society of control freaks. When taking a chance is considered a mental illness, taking a joyride can have serious consequences.

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